Lomi Lomi massage

Lomi Lomi massage, also known as „loving hands” massage is a hawaiian massage which was practiced in Hawai since antiquity and is gaining popularity in the entire world.

The massage is like a „dance” around the pacient and its technique is different than other massages. The therapists are using their palms, fingers, joints, forearms during the massage in order to make long, wide and flowing movements. These rhythmic and repetitive moves are allowing the client to fully relax during the session. This therapy proved to be beneficial for diminishing stress, tension, headaches. Is improving the lymphatic and blood circulation, balances the mind and body and is helping to enter a deeply relaxing state.

Lomi Lomi therapy is taking you in a relaxing and peaceful condition which will release the emotional blockages.
Also, a cleaning process will take place which releases toxins, cleans the body, releases the tensions, pain and stimulates the immune system.