Art of aromatherapy massage

Joining the charming fragrances with relaxing techniques is recognised for the profound effects on the mental and physical health and guarantees an empowered, relaxed and refreshed state. Using the pleasent scents of essential oils we guarantee the therapeutic benefits and a deeply relaxed state.

The basis of aromatherapy massage are the essential oils recognised for the healing powers, discovered over thousands of years of research. Massaging them in direct contact with the skin will double its benefits: relaxes deeply due to your sense of smell,detensioning important groups of muscles in the same time.

The essential oils used are top quality, certified and are made out of numerous cold pressed plants.

Scents we recommend:

  • Mandarin – We advise it in order to prevent anger and stress, water retention and digestion. The mandarin induces a state of inspiration and mindfulness
  • Lavender – We advise it for insomnia, anxiety, migraines and muscle pain. Moreover, lavender essential oil has antiseptic properties.
  • Ylang-ylang – We advise it because it creates a state of well-being and sensuality. Tonic and aphrodisiac, this scent can combat depresion and anger.
  • Mint – We advise it because of its efficiency in fighting migraines and nausea. Mint stimulates and refreshes the mind and body.

Aromatherapy is well known as one of the most appreciated treatments, used for reducing pain, depresion and most of all, a moment for yourself.