VelaShape, the latest generation technology that completely eliminates the cellulite

VelaShape is the latest generation technology that completely eliminates the cellulite, without implying great efforts on your side. This is a device which combines in a singular treatment session radiofrequency, infrared, vacuum and cavitation. VelaShape is used to anti-cellulite nonsurgical treatment.

By using radiofrequency, the collagen fibres, which give the “orange peel” aspect of the skin, are unfolded. and, in the same time, the lymphatic circulation is it stimulated, having draining action. The infrared stimulates the local metabolism and accentuates the radiofrequency effects.The vacuum assures the lymphatic drainage and brings the adipose cells closer to the surface of the skin. This process increases the power of action for radiofrequency and infrared. Cavitation destroys cellulite cells and helps to lose centimeters at each session. Also, the device contains several massage rollers which can be used on the cellulite tissue or the adipose tissue. For a better adhesion of the massage rollers on the skin, in advance a special gel is applied.

Generally, the cellulite tissue disappears after 3-4 sessions. A session lasts for 30 minutes. The surfaces with fibrous cellulite in which the adipose tissue is riveting in the form of hard nodules, are more resistant to anti-cellulite treatments and may require more sessions with VelaShape. Edematous cellulite, with water retention is more easily removed. The best results are obtained on the abdomen and thighs, which are also the surfaces of the body
more affected by cellulite. The effects of cellulite treatment with VelaShape device are long lasting, but, anyway one maintenance session is needed every 3-4 months.
Benefits of VelaShape treatment
Increased metabolic burns
Reducing adipose tissue with up to 2 cm
A more efficient lymphatic drainage
Essential surfaces such as the abdomen, thighs (anterior, posterior, interior, exterior), buttocks,
arms and back are targeted with this treatment.
Lack of discomfort during and after treatment
A general improvement of up to 60% of the texture of the skin (including the loose skin) and tonus as a result of cellulite reduction, visible after 5 sessions.
The treatment represents a complementary method for surgical liposuction.