Trends of 2018 – Superlative natural and simplicity

Year 2018 brings many changes in hairstyling, make-up, manicure-pedicure, but also on esthetics. There is a growing emphasis on naturalness and simplicity, and specialists recommend proper care for a healthier look.

In terms of make-up, it is recommended to keep a clean and bright skin. There is no emphasis on makeup based on contouring and cream foundation in excess. It is replaced with a slightly pigmented cream in order to give a more natural look. For lips it is recommended to use pale colors and bold pink, and lip gloss will be in trends during this year.

Regarding haircuts in 2018, the short hair or very long hair is in trend. For rebel ladies non-conformist and light hairstyling are recommended. Thus, the ladies can choose for loose curls, disordered hair bun with natural look and simple hair braiding. The recommended colors are natural brown, platinum blonde, coppery, black with light reflections. The rebel notes of color offered by a balayage can offer a truly sensual look and in 2018 this technique continues to be in trend.

Violet is the color that will surely shine in 2018 when considering the manicure and pedicure. The specialists rely on the most natural textures, thus appealing to models that have a correspondent in the nature such as marble or gemstone. Other models that specialists recommend are geometric figures, floral prints and the effect of glass fragments. French manicure returns to 2018 trends in a variety of models.

The new year brings a multitude of changes, which is why we invite you to ask the Privee specialists to choose the most suitable alternative for you. More details about the services you can find on