Sugar Hair Removal
Discover the “sweet” treatments performed by our professionals at Privée!
Sugar paste is the most revolutionary new method for removing unwanted hair. The sugaring is a 100% natural hair removal procedure. The secret of this procedure lies in applying the paste on the opposite direction of the hair growth. This leaves the skin smooth without hairs grown beneath. Sugaring is a very delicate superficial-peeling procedure and it’s listed among the Spa services.
Sugar waxing is hypoallergenic and hygienic and does not cause Folliculitis. The sugar paste is applied at body temperature making it safe for all areas of the body. It is even safe to use over spider veins and non-painful varicose veins. It will not burn your skin. The skin remains moisturized and exfoliated after the treatment. It will not stick to the skin. Sugar does not adhere to live skin. Live skin cells are usually wet and since sugar is water-soluble it will not adhere to your skin, but only to the hairs, reducing the discomfort of hair removal.
It will remove and exfoliate the dead cells, while freeing ingrown hairs. Sugaring is also safe on dry and itchy eczema or psoriasis. It is safe to apply the same treatment over the same area several times – to extract the shortest and most rigid hairs without damaging or causing irritation to the skin.
The pasta does not break the hairs as it is very malleable and penetrates to the hair follicle and root, wraps around the hair shaft. The hair removal turns out to be really gentle. The unwanted hair should be pulled in the natural direction of growth. There’s little, if any, discomfort at all. The procedure applies to very short hairs of around 1.5mm in length. Over time, the hair will be removed permanently.
After a few treatments, the hair follicle weakens and hair grows less each time. Since sugar can remove even the shortest hair, if we apply the treatment during the anagen/growth phase, hair will be removed permanently. Results are granted following just a few sessions, so long as the sugaring procedure is performed correctly and carefully.