Skin care tips for winter!

Besides our daily face care routine:

1. Makeup removal

2. Toning

3. Facial scrub (once a week)

We must keep in mind that the winter weather is a common cause for dry skin and the skin becomes dehydrated due to low temperatures and cold wind exposure. So you need a more moisturizing cream based on natural nutrients and good oils from fruits and seeds. In addition, you would also need a hydrating face-mask that helps revive the skin while keeping it hydrated and protected.
The mask is important since the cream does not always feed the skin all the essential nutrients. So here comes the mask that should include hyaluronic acid, fruit, collagen, (depending on age) and essential oils.

We recommend the following:

1. Normal skin- Mask from Maria Galland (this is a moisturizing, hydrating and refreshing mask made with grapefruits and hyaluronic acid). Cream- this is an intense hydrating cream from Maria Galland (day/night cream with a light texture, rich in hyaluronic acid and coconut extracts which help protect your skin).

2.Oily Skin – Purifyng Mask Maria Galland (this mask papaya extract, and it helps dissolve the dead skin cells and cleans the pores of excess sebum). Hydra Cream Intense-Plus from Maria Galland (this is a maximum hydrating cream Tamarind extract restores the skin texture)

3. Sensitive skin – Supple Mask from Maria Galland (this is a creamy mask, rich in kaolin and strawberry extracts, rejuvenating and purifying.
Cream-Tendresse from Maria Galland (this is a soothing cream based on cottonseed oil and anti-oxidant vitamins to improve skin’s defense capacity and help in regenerating the skin.

4. Dry/Dehydrated skin – Cold Moisturizing Mask from Maria Galland (this is very hydrating mask rich in hyaluronic acid; it moisturizes and smoothes wrinkles)
Intense Hydra-Nourishing Cream from Maria Galland (this is a rich cream, moisturizing and nourishing which helps improve elasticity and hydrates the skin)

5. Mature Skin – Caviar Mask from Maria Galland (this is an consistent cream with caviar extract which stimulates the regenerative capacity of the skin. It nourishes, reduces wrinkles and gives it elasticity)
Cream-Lift Perfect from Maria Galland (this is a night cream rich in nutrients, gives the skin an energy boost and tone, it helps revitalize and soften)

Perfect Facelift Cream Perfect from Maria Galland (this ia smooth day cream, gives a boost of energy, reduces wrinkles and hydrates)