The secret of staying young is HIFU!

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound is newest anti-aging treatment based on Facial Lift on the entire facial area, neck and neckline. HIFU is the best alternative to facelift operations yielding spectacular results which last over time. This treatment uses high frequency ultrasound reaching deep into the subcutaneous tissue to the SMAS layer; it creates clotting points at equal distances while the elastin fibers allow tendons to contract and produce natural collagen. Skin rejuvenation begins right after the therapy session and continues in the weeks following the treatment, with an effect lasting up to one year.


HIFU is the newest device to perform face lift and to bring out spectacular results. This technology is backed by clinical studies performed by plastic surgeons in the USA and over the world. HIFU is a safe and painless alternative to face lift surgery, with no need for anesthesia or other complications. HIFU is the most effective and obvious method of stimulating the natural production of collagen, with beneficial effects on the complexion, neck and cleavage area and remarkable and sustainable results over time.

HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) is a noninvasive treatment with no side effects using high intensity focused ultrasound waves aimed to treat the skin in the deeper layers. It helps in lifting, wrinkle reduction, toning, smoothing, tonifying the periocular skin, forehead, cheekbones and nasolabial line area as well as the chin, neck and neckline skin.

HIFU is used to treat the following problems:


  1. Damaged skin around the eyes
  2. Periocular Wrinkles
  3. Forehead wrinkles
  4. Nasolabial folds
  5. Wrinkles descending from the Labial commissure (of the mouth)
  6. Laxity and lack of firmness on the cheekbones, chin, neck and cleavage area.

This treatment is based on the use of high frequency ultrasound reaching deep into the subcutaneous tissue to the SMAS layer; it allows tendons to contract and produce natural collagen through skin heating.

The result is a natural lifting effect that supersedes the benefits of surgical facelift and the results are long lasting.


The first treatment session produces quick and visible results.


For the 30-40 year old, who already have the first signs of skin aging HIFU treatments have a powerful stimulating anti-aging effect and helps maintain a youthful appearance with only 1 or 2 treatment sessions per year.

For people over the age of 40, the Hifu treatments are personalized depending on the appearance and skin characteristics.