Micropigmentation or Microblanding!

Eyebrows Tattoo for more defined eyebrows that are a beauty must-have – we all agree. This procedure allows us to choose the right length, thickness and color for our eyebrows depending on the face shape. The form must be necessarily very natural.

Microblading is a sort of a semipermanent tattoo that lasts about a year. The procedure is recommended for scant eyebrows as well as for eyebrow definition.

Tattooing individual hairs separately offers a natural look due to the organic pigments. The tattooed hairs are imitating the natural hair growth direction.

The whole procedure takes about two hours. The tattoo goes only below the first layer of skin, so it does not affect the hair roots and the shade imitates the natural hair color.

The tattoo lasts between 6 months and 2 years, depending on the skin complexion. If your skin is normal, the tattoo can last up to 2 years but not the same rule applies to oily skin complexions.

After applying the tattoo, you need to go through a maintenance process: washing the area is not allowed and you need to use a special cream for cleansing.

The finish is made after about a month. Also, we have to protect the eyebrows from sunlight.

It is not recommended to undergo this treatment if you are pregnant or if you’re suffering from diabetes or psoriasis.