Luxurious treatment MILLE by Maria Galland

For those over the age of 40, the skin becomes more sensitive, loose, wrinkles are more pronounced and the stress and unbalanced diet for example speed up the aging process. Therefore, the skin needs more attention, an anti-aging hydration therapy to get long-lasting results. That’s why we recommend the new MILLE treatments that help fight the signs of aging, have an intense lifting effect, smoothen the skin, provide rejuvenation, renewal and deep hydration. The MILLE innovative treatment combines the efficiency of active ingredients that render spectacular results with Maria Galland luxury treatments we are already familiar with. The name of the treatment itself reinforces the fact that Maria Galland brand maintains lofty standards, the brand name appearing on this innovative MILLE treatment as well.

This new treatment is based on the efficiency of a new complex, patented in research laboratories in Klosterfrau where Maria Galland products are created. The TOP-C complex counteracts skin ageing and consists in white truffles, 24-carat gold, anti-ageing-peptides and cell activators.

This complex stimulates the mature skin to fight the signs of aging, so it is recommended to individuals over the age of 40 regardless of skin type. A gift to the skin: luxury and rare ingredients, passion and efficiency. A real delight – An elixir of youth for your skin. The treatment works in 6 directions to minimize the signs of aging: it has an intense anti-wrinkle lifting effect, smoothens the skin, provides rejuvenation, renewal and deep hydration.
We start the treatment by applying the make-up removal product from Mille, with a “LOTUS” effect, suitable for even the most sensitive of complexions. The first phase would be confined to active ingredients – a major breakthrough in skin care – such as stem cells, peptides and allantoin. The next step might be a little different from what we see in classical treatments: we use a gentle enzyme exfoliation scrub before applying a toning lotion which really benefits the skin due to its soothing properties, rare ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, allantoin, stem cells and particles of gold. We thus create a wet base to facilitate osmosis of the Celluxe Mille concentrate, which contains green apple and grapes stem cells.

A light, stroking massage movement is applied to help the concentrate penetrate through the skin before we apply the mask consisting of lyophilized collagen oligopeptide and hibiscus. After 15 minutes the skin will look as though it underwent a BOTOX session. After removing the mask, we massage with Crème Mille 1000, a veritable oasis of delight for the client and cosmetician. We perform the Cocoon and Shiatsu massage (by applying finger pressure). The massage cream is rich in stem cells and collagen, precious oils, jojoba, macadamia and hyaluronic acid. Finally, we apply a second mask consisting of very active ingredients: Coenzyme Q10, phyto stimulating stem cells, hyaluronic acid, arginine, Loofah cylindrical, mango butter and Shea. There is no other formula for regeneration, moisturizing, nurturing and long-term protection. After 10 minutes, we remove the mask and apply an eye cream containing ceramides, hyaluronic acid and phyto stimulating stem cells. The serum and moisturizing day cream will be applied on the rest of your face. Treatments from Maria Galland is reccommended for persons seeking a high efficiency, quick and visible results in the long run.


Home care products from MILLE

Maria Galland CREME MILLE will hydrate your skin day and night due to its high concentration of stem cells extracted from plants and Swiss apples, phytostimulation via soy isoflavone and precious oils from Macadamia nuts and Babassu oil. All of our customers said that the skin is hydrated in a pleasant way, while 87% of them believe that the skin looks firmer and more tonic. Crème Mille Lumière has a rich moisturizing and anti-aging effect thanks to rare plant extracts combined with hyaluronic acid and superior oils from the passion fruit. All women who have tried this cream have claimed that their skin is moisturized looks much more youthful. Serum Mille Lumiére is a highly efficient anti wrinkle product which moisturizes, nourishes and calms the skin thanks to its high concentration of ultraromantic agents merged with herbal extracts.