Lash lift for curved, thicker and longer eyelashes

The eyes are from far an ”asset” that defines the face of a woman, therefore most certainly every woman desires curved, voluminous and longer eyelashes for a very intense looking. Mascara is maybe one of the most used cosmetic products for achieving this look. No woman is walking out of the house without having at least their eyelashes done. why? Due to the fact that it has the power to change the entire facial appearance in only a couple of minutes. But, most often you confront yourself with mornings on the run , therefore even the mascara is out of the options. So that being said we are offering you an extremely interesting suggestion: what if we said that you can obtain the same effect but with less morning efforts and without the costly alternative of lash extensions? We would say yes to lash lift!

What does the lash lift imply?

The procedure of lash lift is an innovative and non-invasive one, that has as effect the curving filling and lengthening of the eyelashes, at the same time keeping the natural look. This procedure is implying 4 major steps, more specifically the applying of solutions and pigments: lifting (the lashes are lifted from the roots and fixed on the 2 silicon pieces),  fixing (done with a special cream that offers also volume), dyeing (the dark black pigment is applied and the natural lashes are dyed), keratin oil application (with which the lashes are hydrated and  get a boost of volume due to keratin oil filling).

What are the benefits of the procedure?

  • One essential benefit is the fact that the lamination does not affect or deteriorate the natural eyelashes;
  • The lashes keep their curved and voluminous shape for 5-8 weeks and after approximately 4 successive sessions, the final results lasts for about 2 months;
  • The eyelashes are protected, strengthen and pigmented;
  • The acquirement of a more filled and visible longer eyelashes, at the same time keeping the natural look;

To whom is addressed this procedure?

The procedure is recommended especially for women that are struggling with straight or short, decolored or missing eyelashes, but it is also perfect for those who simply desire a more defined, fresh and natural eyelash look every morning. Additionally it is also recommended for women that have developed allergies to mascara,  or those who want to take a break from eyelash extensions, or simply do not have the patience necessary to wait for 2 hours for the lash extensions procedure and opt for lash lift that takes only 60 minutes.

How do we take care of the eyelashes after the lamination procedure?

For a period of 24 hours from the lash lift it is recommended not to wash your eyelashes with hot water, moreover you should not use mascara for the same amount of  time. Once the 24 hours period have expired, the eyelashes does not need to be taken care of in a special way or by different methods, than the ordinary ones. There are no restrictions from the point of view of putting on your make-up or cleaning down your make-up. Furthermore it is allowed to swim in salty water (at the seaside) without worrying about your eyelashes curved effect being spoiled.