Find the balance of your skin with the SOIN DERMATOLOGIQUE treatment from MARIA GALLAND

SOIN DERMATOLOGIQUE is a dermato-cosmetic line that offers luxury cosmetics, effective for various skin problems: oil-acne skin, cuperosic skin, hyperpigmentation, dry and very dry skin. Applying SOIN DERMATOLOGICQUE treatment is the ideal method by which the skin regains its healthy appearance.A healthy look of the skin is very important to make you feel both comfortable and confident.

SOIN DERMATOLOGIQUE is based on a personalized treatment, according to individual needs. Whether it’s a cuperosic skin, a very dehydrated or atopic skin, SOIN DERMATOLOGIQUE from MARIA GALLAND offers a range of luxury facial treatments, suitable for every type of skin – oily skin with impurities, cuperosis skin, acne skin or for hyperpigmented skin. The anti-pollution complex integrated in SOIN DERMATOLOGIQUE combines essential ingredients that release the skin from pollutants and, also, protect the skin. The complex stimulates the natural defenses of the skin. The treatment is based on a medical formula, containing a sophisticated mixture of high level ingredients, which makes the product very effective. All the products are free of parabens, paraffin-free, and without synthetic dyes and are tested dermatologically. The perfume used is allergen-free, so it’s proper also for those who develop perfume allergies.


Extremely effective in treating various skin problems, SOIN DERMATOLOGIQUE treatment involves several steps, depending on the skin type.

The treatment for oily skin with impurities involves a cleansing of the eyes and lips, as well as of the face and neck. Then will be applied an oily skin lotion Maria Galland, then is made a peeling and massage with a special cream. For opening the pores is required a steam treatment and then all the comedones are extracted. Finally, a range of Maria Galland products will be used for disinfection, toning and moisturizing.

The treatment for the cuperosic skin involves a cleansing of the eyes and lips, as well as of the face and neck.Then, a skin toner is used for cleaning the face and light peeling is made, following a 10-minute ultrasound massage, which helps to control the cellular oxidation.Finally, a special mask is applied and, after removing it, the skin is hydrated with a moisturizing Maria Galland cream.By using the entire range of Maria Galland skin care products the skin will be luminous, calm and refreshed.

For hyperpigmented skin, first of all, a cleansing of the eyes, lips, face and neck is made.Then will be applied a skin toner for hydrating the skin and for cleaning the skin of dead skin cells a peeling will be made. After this, a serum and a mask will be applied on the face and neck and a massage will relax your face. Finally, a moisturizing eye cream, serum and the Maria Galland cream will hydrate your skin.The active ingredients of these depigmentation products are the result of the latest research in the field:

  • Anti-pollution complex: Horseradish Extract: Removes pollutants such as dust, smog or tobacco and protects the skin from harmful elements from the atmosphere.
  • Nasturtium extract: optimizes oxygen circulation in cells
  • Pea Extract: Reduces pigmentation and gives light
  • Polysaccharides: Calms, moisturizes, and has a powerful anti-age effect.
  • Alpha-arbutin: lightens, reduces pigmentation, blocks melanin synthesis by inhibiting enzyme oxidation
  • Glycyrrhized Dipotassium: Moisturizes and improves skin quality
  • Hyaluronic acid: moisturizes, optimizes skin elasticity and tonifies
  • Arginine: calms, energizes
  • Allantoin: Calms down
  • CM-glucan: increases UVA resistance, stimulates cell regeneration, optimizes skin functions,
  • Yeast Extract: Contains amino acids and peptides that help increase cellular activity and have a preventative effect against oxidative stress.

The results of the tests showed that over 80% of the people who did the treatment, and were tested, have appreciated the result as being over expectations.

Who can benefit of SOIN DERMATOLOGIQUE?

This advanced dermatological treatment is suitable to provide solutions for the following skin problems: impurities, pigmentation, dehydration, cuperosis.Generally, the treatment is personalized, depending on skin problems, regardless of age.

Which is the duration of a SOIN DERMATOLOGIQUE -Maria Galland treatment?

Normally, a treatment session lasts about 120 minutes, but its duration also depends on the type of skin on which treatment is applied.Thus,

  • For oily skin with impurities the duration of the treatment is about 120 minutes
  •  For cuperosis skin the duration of the treatment is about 75 minutes
  • For hyperpigmented skin the duration of the treatment is about 90 minutes

Although results are visible immediately after the first treatment session, for maintenance, specialists recommend the treatment at least once every 3 months.

Which are the benefits of SOIN DERMATOLOGIQUE treatment -Maria Galland?

The treatment purifies the open pores and gives an absolute well-being. The treatment releases the skin from impurities and the skin gets a bright and matte look, with finer visible pores.It is a complete cleansing treatment, which balances the level of sebum in the skin. The treatment contains three formulas:

  • Keratolotic complex (by the presence of salicylic acid and sorbain)
  • Skin cleansing and normalization complex (through Algualane zinc and vitamin B6)
  • Lusterless complex (the combination of kaolin, zinc oxide, magnesium and aluminum silicate)

What is the price of a SOIN DERMATOLOGIQUE treatment – Mary Galland?

The price of a treatment Maria Galland – SOIN DERMATOLOGIQUE varies depending on the duration and type of skin, as follows:

  • Soin Dermatologique treatment for oily skin with impurities – 350 Ron / 120 min
  • Soin Dermatologique skin treatment with cuperose – 350 Ron / 75 min
  • Soin Dermatologique treatment for hyperpigmented skin – 350 Ron / 90 min

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