What it is ?

Electrostimulation is exactly what it is said to be: the muscles stimulation through electric pulses. It is comparable with a highly intensive fitness, the experts evaluating a single 45 minutes session of electrostimulation the equivalent of 6-8 hours of ongoing exercising in the gym. Therefore the effects of the electrostimulation session are immediately seen by the client. You become more toned and the excess fat/adiposeness is gradually eliminated. Also, additionally, the electrostimulation session increase your metabolism, blood circulation and the oxygenation degree of the respective area.

Why opting for electrostimulation?

Due to the fact that nowadays almost every woman is having a difficult time getting rid of that cellulite and extra weight and knows how hard it is to spend hours in the gym, but having dissapointing results that are also not near and difficult to reach. The supreme argument though, is the fact that the results of electrostimulation are much faster as opposed to going to the gym, where you need to work 3-4 weeks in order to achieve the same body results.

What are the benefits of the procedeure?

Body remodelling, toning, cellulite diminuation until disappearance, lymphatic drainage stimulation along with skin smoothening. Along with the benefits from the beauty point of view, electrostimulation has also various medical benefits: the muscles stress relief, increasing the blood circulation of the respective area, also sometimes used in post-operatory recovery for vein thrombosis prevention.

What are the advantages?

  • All muscles can be stimulated at once, but, the difference between electrostimulation and classic gym is the fact that you can try different programs that give different results that will please you: toning, vascularization, or ease down a painful area.
  • Improvement of joint issues due to muscles stimulation of that area, without putting pressure on the joints, like normally would happen in the case of physical exercises that we do at the gym.
  • The possibility of strenghtening your muscles and intense exercising, without the equivalent effort that you make during a gym session, but with better results.
  • Different specific problems can be improved without medical treatment:heavy legs, lumbago, muscle or lumbar hypertension.

What do you feel when going through the procedure?

The sensation that you have when taking an electrostimulation session is one of relaxation, similar to a massage session. Through  the procedure, the muscles are being trained with contractions of different levels of intensity, adapted to your own tolerance and also taking into consideration how toned are your muscles. After a session of electrostimulation, your body should feel lightweight, as you do after every physical effort.The main difference is that you lay down and let the electrolysis work for you.

How many sessions of electrostimulation should you do?

The answer is that the electrostimulation procedure must be done regularly, without interruptions, with a frequency of minimum 3 sessions per week and it is recommended to be accompanied by a drainage massage. Furthermore is advised to drink at least 3 liter of water per day.