Criolipolysis, an inovative and efficient body remodeling technology

Criolipolysis is the inovative and efficient body remodeling technology and represents the alternative to liposuction. It is a non-invasive and painless treatment that uses a cryogenic performance technology that permanently eliminates the excess fat. The cryolipolysis procedure effectively reduces the adipose tissue with a controlled cooling system incorporated into a vacuum device.
In this way, the fat is separated and isolated, and the rest of the tissue and the collagen fibers are protected. The applicator draws fat in a small receptacle by using a vacuum effect that temporarily reduces blood circulation and facilitates cryotherapy. After this treatment, the natural process of fat removal via the lymphatic system is installed. During the procedure the temperature goes down to -10 degrees C and the recommended period between sessions is about 3-4 weeks/body surface where the procedure was performed. Depending on the thickness of the adipose tissue, between 1 to 3 sessions are required.
Treatment areas
– Abdomen
– Buttocks
– Knees
– Hips
– Thighs
– Feet
Stages of treatment procedure
For safety, before using the applicators on the adipose tissues, the specialist is applying an anti-freeze gel that protects the skin against necrosis. The vacuum effect of the equipment only retains excess fat, while protecting the rest of the tissue and the collagen fibers. The vacuum procedure decreases the blood circulation in the treatment area, which results in a targeted control of this specific area. The adipose tissue comes into contact with the cooling plates of the applicator . They lower the tissue temperature until it reaches the programmed value. After treatment, the fat is gradually eliminated through a natural metabolic process.
Removing dead tissue by recycling it and transforming it into amino acids, peptides and proteins, without the possibility of regeneration. On average, the adipose tissue is circumferentially reduced by about 5.3 cm to 1.3 cm after one session. These results are visible after 3 weeks from the first session.