AgeLOC Galvanic Spa treatment along with the Nu Skin products nourish your skin with ingredients that are five times more essential in the battle against aging.

HIFU treatment (Anti-Aging/Anti-Wrinkle, Lifting) (applied to front/neckline)- The HIFU Technology is a painless alternative to surgical facelift, a non-invasive treatment with no side effects. It brings out remarkable and durable lifting results even after the first sessions – lasting between 1 and 1.5 years. The sessions are conducted over 3 to 4 months.

The high-intensity device HIFU penetrates through the superficial muscle layer causing a rise in the local temperature in the fibrous tissue. The affected area is being filled with tissue, which stimulates skin elasticity and ensures the disappearance of wrinkles.

IPL face treatments uses high intensity pulses of visible light that penetrate the skin,
heating the targeted area and enhancing the formation of new collagen and elastin fibres
helping reconstructing the dermal and epidermal fibroblasts.

IPL Facial therapy reduces expression wrinkles and
non-acute & non-inflammatory acne and acne spots (melasma, lentigines),
smoothens the complexion, shrinks the pores which leaves your skin glowing with health and suppleness.
After the first session, the skin appearance is improved,
but to reduce couperose and spots we recommend up to 5 sessions.

Treatment price list

Service Name Price
 Mille Maria Galland Treatment 450 Lei
Maria Galland Treatment 220/250 Lei
Dermato-Cosmetic Maria Galland Treatment 245 Lei
Skin Acne Treatment (without massage) 97 Lei
Microdermabrasion / Complete Treatment 85/135 Lei
Mask Maria Galland 30 Lei
Maria Galland Scrub Treatment 30 Lei
Maria Galland Decolletage + Facial Massage Treatment 60 Lei
 IPL Rejuvenation Treatment (Face/Decolletage) 150/200 Lei
Acne IPL Treatment (Face/Decolletage) 150/200 Lei
Couperose IPL Treatment (Face/Decolletage) 150/200 Lei
Rosacea IPL Treatment (Face/Decolletage) 150/200 Lei
Ultherapy Tratament HIFU (Anti-aging/Antirid, Lifting) (Face/Decolletage)/ area 500 Lei
Facial NuSkin Galvanic SPA Treatment 120 Lei

Eyebrows Eyelashes Price List

Service Name Price
Eyebrows Styling 35 Lei
Plucking and Shaping Eyebrows 25/17 Lei
Eyebrows Coloring 17 Lei
Eyelashes Coloring 25 Lei
Permanent Eyelashes 90 Lei
Individual Eyelash Extensions 1 D 250 Lei
Individual Eyelash Extensions 2D 270 Lei
Individual Eyelash Extensions 3D 290 Lei
Individual Eyelash Extensions 280 Lei
Individual Eyelash Extensions Maintenance 160 Lei
Individual Eyelash Extensions Removal 35 Lei
Eyelash Tufts 70 Lei
Eyelash Tufts Removal 15 Lei
False eyelashes for makeup 50 Lei

Hair Removal Price List

Service Name Price
Mustache Shaving 13 Lei
Facial Hair Removal 25 Lei
Armpit Hair Removal 15-25 Lei
Arms Hair Removal 30 Lei
Short Hair Removal 30 Lei
Long Hair Removal 55 Lei
Bikini Line Hair Removal 25 Lei
Partial/Total Bikini Hair Removal 30-45 Lei
Tights Hair Removal 20 Lei
Back Hair Removal 35-45 Lei
Chest Hair Removal (+ Abdomen) 30-45 Lei

Makeup Price list

Service Name Price
Day Makeup 70 Lei
Event Makeup 120 Lei
Bridal Makeup 180-200 Lei
Bridal Makeup Sample 115 Lei
Day Auto-Makeup Course
200 Lei
Auto-Makeup Course I + II 380 Lei