Care and tenderness for dry and sensitive skin with COCOON treatment from MARIA GALLAND

Dry and sensitive skin needs special care. Within the Maria Galland product range, we find COCOON treatment, specially dedicated to caring the sensitive skin.Applying COCOON treatment is the ideal method to hydrate and care for sensitive skin.A healthy look of the skin is very important to make you feel both comfortable and confident.Whether it’s a dry skin, a skin that needs regeneration or lifting, COCAON from MARIA GALLAND offers a range of luxury facial treatments that fit every skin type.

What is COCOON treatment?

Exceptional treatment with visible results that give a perfect state of well-being due to the “cocoon” foam mask that covers the face and provides energy and elasticity. This treatment may be adapted, considering what we want to achieve in the end: hydration, firmness or regeneration.Extremely effective in hydrating and improving skin elasticity, COCOON treatment is personalized applied, depending on the skin type and includes: Hydration Treatment, Regeneration Treatment and Profilift – Firmness & Lifting.

The treatment for hydration and regeneration involves a cleansing of the eyes and lips, as well as of the face and neck.Then is used a special lotion Maria Galland, and in order to remove the dead skin cells a delicate scrubbing is made. After that, the skin is moisturized with a light massage by using a Maria Galland cream and a special essence.After all these procedures, the COCOON mask it is applied on a face for a few minutes, after which the skin is hydrated with serum and moisturizing cream.

The products are adapted to all types of skin including sensitive, intolerant or allergic skin and do not contain parabens, paraffin, artificial dyes or allergens.
The products contain strong antioxidants that protect the skin for a long time, from the environmental impurities.

Maria Galland Profilift – Firmity & Lifting
It starts with a cleansing of the eyes and lips, as well as of the face and neck, followed by the use of a soft tonic lotion which is a gel lotion that gives instant relaxation and is the first step in the hydration process due to the rich content of algae extracts. Then follows a complex massage by using acupressure and drainage around the eyes for 20 minutes with a cream rich in vitamins and hyaluronic acid, after which, depending on the problems of the skin, several essences are applied (orchid black, caviar, hyaluronic acid, peptides, argan, algae, malachite, white truffle extract, stem cell extract, 24 carat gold, silver, amber extract).For hydrating the area and reducing the wrinkles, a delicate mask is applied around your eyes, and a cold, moisturizing mask, rich in hyaluronic acid and collagen is applied all over the face.Over that mask is applied another mask: the foam mask that facilitates the penetration of active ingredients.This mask gives a relaxing and very pleasant state for clients. After 15 minutes, the mask is removed, and is applied the hydrating serum rich in hyaluronic acid, collagen and vitamins A and E and the moisturizing cream with a soft and pleasant texture.Finally, a SPF 20 protective serum is applied which represents an excellent makeup base with anti-age and anti-pollution effect that contains Provitamin C – an antioxidant, wrinkle-reducing peptides and synthetic extracts from plants collagen and have anti-pollution effect.

Who are the beneficiaries of Maria Galland COCOON treatment?

The Cocoon treatment for hydration is suitable for both young people and people with more mature skin, while the treatment for regeneration and Profi-Lift treatment are suitable in particular for the mature ladies (over 30-35 year old)

How long last the Maria Galland COCOON treatment?

Normally, a treatment session, whether it’s moisturizing, regenerating or profilift, lasts 90 minutes.Although results are visible immediately after the first treatment session, for maintenance, specialists recommend the treatment at least once every 3 months and the regularly use of Maria Galland products.

What are the benefits of Maria Galland’s COCOON treatment?

The treatment provides an extraordinary feeling of relaxation, the face being shrouded in a cocoon by a pleasant mask of foam. The treatment is very beneficial for people with dry or dehydrated skin, with fine wrinkles or sensitive skin to environmental factors.

The Profilift treatment, a new dimension of anti-age treatments, combines a shiatsu-based work technique that creates deep relaxation and includes last generation ingredients such as trimolecular hyaluronic acid, polysaccharides extracted from the Konjak root, squalane, Vitamin A and E, Firmlainer 3D (a corn extract), Toniskin (yeast extract), encapsulated retinol, marine collagen that instantly results in firmness, toning and remodeling of the contour of the face.

What is the price of a COCOON treatment from Maria Galland?

The price of the COCOON treatment from Maria Galland varies depending on the type of skin and the products used, as follows:

– COCOON treatment for hydration – 220 Ron / 90 min

– COCOON treatment for regeneration – 220 Ron / 90 min

– COCOON treatment Profilift – 250 Ron / 90 min

We kindly invite you to discover Maria Galland’s luxury treatments and to discover the beauty and health ritual for your skin at Privee Salon de Beaute!