Body remodeling through cavitation

What is Cavitation?
Cavitation is a treatment that was first invented in Europe as a alternative method to surgery. By using this ultrasound treatment, the adipose cells from certain parts of the body are disintegrated. The treatment requires a
simple, easy-to-use procedure.

How is the procedure performed?
A special cream is applied to the body surface where the treatment is to be performed. The procedure is similar to an ultrasound exam performed during pregnancy. This innovative device for cavitation uses low-frequency ultrasound (40 Khz) and produces disintegration of subcutaneous adipose cells and, consequently, reducing the adipose tissue.

What are the benefits of such treatment?
Unlike liposuction, which causes pain and discomfort and involves hospitalization, cavitation is totally non-invasive and the results obtained are similar to those involved by a surgical intervention. Since the first session, a reduction in consistency of the adipose tissue could be observed and, also, the disappearance of the orange peel appearance and the improvement of the skin elasticity. At the same time, the treatment provides outstanding results in stimulating blood circulation, increasing active oxygen and accelerating detoxification.

What does the client feels during the treatment?
Most of the clients experience cavitation as being painless and relaxing, perceiving only a mild heat sensation during this treatment.

How many treatment sessions are required for visible results?
Specialists in cavitation recommend to each client a personalized treatment, taking into account individual needs. Usually, 6/10 treatment sessions are performed, but after their completion, the specialists recommend a maintenance treatment every 2-3 months.

How long does a treatment session last?
A treatment session lasts in principle 60 minutes of which 30 minutes of cavitation and 30 minutes massage (anti-cellulite massage or lymph drainage). For satisfactory results, a session of 1 to 2-3 days is recommended.

For whom the treatment is not recommended?
This treatment is not recommended for people with cardiac and vascular disease, diabetes, acute diseases, renal failure, hepatitis, osteoporosis, immune system diseases, severe bleeding tendencies and pregnant or nursing women.

What are the potential side effects of the treatment?
Side effects occur occasionally and are manifested by a skin irritation that will disappear within hours after the end of treatment. Also, slight headaches can occur due to the release of toxins from adipose cells and dehydration. In this regard, high intake of liquids without sugars is recommended after treatment.

What are the costs of such treatment?
Cavitation – 1 session (including 30 minutes of massage) – 131 RON
Cavitation – 5 sessions (5 * 30 minute massage, 2 Cool Pads areas) -655 RON