5 benefits of breast massage

As we get older, we need to pay more attention to the breasts and the breast muscles. Without an adequate care, after a certain age, it can be noticed that the breasts lose their firmness and it is recommended to apply a special natural treatment. Besides getting older, the specialists evoke a number of other causes of sagging breasts.

Which are the causes of the sagging breasts?

  • breastfeeding
  • incorrect hydration
  • genetic information on skin quality
  • using the wrong bras
  • injection of adipose tissue
  • weight gain and/or weight loss
  • using the wrong antigravitational bra

You can develop starting from a young age a breast care ritual, which will influence the breast firmness, to an older age. A natural method for breast firmness and breast toning is the special massage with appropriate oils for a specific age and for the dehydrated skin, regularly applied by specialists.

What does massage for breast firmness and breast toning mean?

1.  Making a fine scrubbing
2. Applying a moisturizer and firmness cream with collagen
3.  Carrying out the massage by circular movements
4.  Applying a thin layer of honey to improve blood circulation and skin tone

To whom it is addressed the firmness and toning breast massage?

  • women who have completed breastfeeding
  • women who have large breasts
  • women who have pain during menstruation
  • women who want to have sturdy breasts

How long does a firmness and toning breast massage take?
Normally, breast toning involves a gradual process in which breasts are massaged regularly. The specialists recommend a daily automasage and once a week a visit to the salon for a more complex massage. The results will be visible after 5-10 sessions. A toning breast massage lasts 30 minutes. It is also recommended to carry out maintenance massage sessions at least 1/month.

What are the benefits of toning breast massage?

  • improves blood circulation
  • relieves various symptoms and fluidizes lymphatic fluid
  • reduces breast tenderness
  • reduces lymphatic congestion
  • increases skin firmness / rejuvenation
  • stimulates tissue oxygenation and cleansing of impurities

Breast massage is also an excellent relaxation method, resulting in a firmer skin and lifted breasts.

What is the price of a toning breast massage session?
The price of such a session varies depending on the duration and techniques applied, but a full session can reach up to 60 lei / 30 minutes

We invite you to discover the techniques of this beauty ritual for your breasts at Privee Salon de Beaute!