The long, well-defined and curved lashes represent a sign of female beauty since the ancient Egypt days. Nowadays, the lash by lash extensions are among the top beauty trends. This is an innovative technique to have longer and ticker lashes. Coming in varied sizes, the lashes used in the lash by lash technique change the aspect of your eyelashes, ensuring their smoothness, density, volume and length while preserving their natural grace. They are applied using a special adhesive between each natural eye lash and capture perfectly the color and texture of these.
The adhesive is not toxic, it does not harm the eyes or the eyelashes.

How Long Eyelash Extensions Last?
Whether we are talking about false eyelashes 2D, 3D, the lash by lash extensions can last up to two months.
Being applied to your natural lashes, the eyelash extensions are individual and can last up to 2 months depending on the life cycle of your natural eyelashes. However, you will need maintenance if you want to keep your lashes long term.

Ways to make your eyelash extensions last longer?
It is recommended that you make an appointment with your esthetician every 2-3 weeks, otherwise your lashes may fall much earlier and it will be necessary to apply new ones.
Eyelash maintenance is really important because it prevents premature falling, and you can enjoy your eyelash extensions more time.

Benefits of eyelash extensions
-natural effect;
-personalized effect in tune with your facial traits
-more length and volume for your eyelashes which will give your eyes a seductive look at the same time highlighting them

– Keep water away from your lashes for the first 12 to 24 hours after application or touch-ups.
– Keep all oil-based products away from your eye area
– Avoid hot steam or saunas as it may cause eyelashes to fall
– Skip cotton based pads to avoid getting cotton pieces in your lashes, avoid rubbing your eyes excessively
– Avoid oil-based skincare, mascara